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Your privacy is absolutely paramount to us. Any information you provide will be for the sole purpose of allowing others to contact you about rings you post in our directory. In the event your email address fails during an attempt by someone to contact you we will provide your phone number as a backup if it was made available to us.

We also track your movements on our site to some degree via cookies if your browser allows it. This helps provide us with important information on how many new and returning visitors we are getting each day. In addition we can track the views of each ring shown in our directory. The only information we store in the cookie is a UserID which is randomly generated when you visit the home page of the site.

If you are a member you can also use our Cookie to store your login information on your computer. This helps facilitate login especially for those members which use the site regularly. You have the option of course of not saving your login information too in which case no login cookie is created.

If you ever have ANY concerns about your privacy please contact us immediately.
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