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Ring Details
Class Year Gender Initials
2013 Ladies LAW
School Name Manufacturer
Ralph H. Poteet High School 0-Not Sure
Mascot Stone Type Stone Texture
Pirates May - Shamrock Spinel Faceted
Metal Status Reward Returned
0-Not Sure Lost 100.00 No
Information On Where The Ring Was Lost Or Last Seen
State City Zip Code
Texas Mesquite 75150
Specific Area Where This Ring Was Lost Or Last Seen
I cannot remember very well. I most likely lost it in Mesquite, but it's also highly likely that I could have lost it in Dallas (specifically at or near the Richland Community College campus). I lost it sometime around 2013-2014. If I had known at least one or two years ago that I could get my lost ring replaced for free, I wouldn't be on this site. My class ring has two stamps that flank the stone: one stamp (as best as I can remember) has a design that had to do with art (probably with a painter's palette and a paintbrush?), and the other stamp might have something choir-related on it. The ring also has a small diamond somewhere on it as well, and I'm pretty sure my name in engraved on the inside of the band (should look something like "Leigh Anne Wilson", or maybe "Leigh A Wilson" or "Leigh Wilson". I don't remember if the school mascot is mentioned anywhere on it, but IF it is, it'll be "Pirates". Guys, the loss of my class ring has torn my heart for several years. It's a lot more than just a class ring, it's a reminder of my success of graduating from high school as someone who has lived with ADHD and ASD (not going into specifics) her whole life. It hurts to think about how something so precious to me was lost so easily (or possibly even STOLEN from me). Please, if you find it, PLEASE contact me ASAP. Thank you.